MTV - Los Premios 2009.

Year: 2009

Opening trailer for 2009 MTVLA’s “Los Premios”. 

Four cities and four futures. Buenos Aires, Mexico D.F, Bogotá and Los Angeles.

I wrote the story, I led the Art Direction and directed the opening trailer. 

Client: MTV / Director: Tomas Garcia - Executive Producer: Fernando Sarmiento - Producer: Ignacio Godoy - Assistant Producer: Guido Antonucci - Project Manager: Martin Dasnoy - Art Director:  Tomas Garcia, Juan Molinet - Assistant Designer: Ivan Flugelman - Matte Painters: Federico Ben, Guillermo Kelly, Martin Dasnoy, Juan Molinet, Ignacio Godoy - Matte Painting LA: Mikael Widegren - Modeling and Lighting: Julio Velazquez, Guillermo Kelly, Leandro Muchenik - Rigging Settings: Martin Dasnoy - Animators: Martin Dasnoy, Ignacio Godoy, Mateo Amaral, Julio Velazquez - Compositors: Fernando Sarmiento, Ignacio Godoy, Federico Ben  - Music and Sound Design: David Kamp