Year: 2012

This project is a Short film created for MTV Stockholm.

I wrote the story, led the Creative & Art Direction, designed the characters and directed the short.

Client: MTV / Director: Tomas García - Executive Producer: Ignacio Godoy -  Storyboards:  Flavio Greco - Character Designer: Tomas García - Art Direction: Tomas García - 3d Modeling: Miguel Cortina, Julio Velázquez - Rigging & Animation Director: Martín Dasnoy - Animators: Miguel Cortina, Julio Velázquez - Hair Reactions: Miguel Cortina - Texturing, Lighting and Render: Martin Dasnoy, Ignacio Godoy, Miguel Cortina, Julio Velázquez - Live Action Shooting: Tomás García - Camera Tracking: Miguel Cortina - Compositing: Ignacio Godoy, Martín Dasnoy - Editor: Tomás García, Max D’Angelo - Music Designer: Kungenochhertigen