Year: 2011

In 2010F5 invited us to create a short film using the concept ‘Happiness’.

I wrote the story, led the creative, art Direction, the character design and I directed the short.

The soundtrack was composed by David Kamp 

Director: Tomas Garcia - Executive Producers: Fernando Sarmiento, Martin Dasnoy, Ignacio Godoy - Animation Director: Martin Dasnoy - CG Producer: Ignacio Godoy, Martin Dasnoy - Storyboards: Flavio Greco Assistant Producers: Maximiliano D'Angelo, Laura Pettinari - Production Design/Art Director: Tomas Garcia - Senior Animator: Martin Dasnoy - Animators: Julio Velazquez, Miguel Cortina - Illustrators: Federico Ben, Flavio Greco - Characters Design: Federico Ben, Tomás García - Modeling: Julio Velazquez, Ignacio Godoy, Franco Carlesimo, Federico Ben Cosentino, Agustin Gonzalez, Miguel Cortina - Rigging: Martin Dasnoy, Franco Carlesimo Story Editors: Flavio Greco, Laura Pettinari, Fernando Sarmiento - Previz: Julio Velazquez, Miguel Cortina - Camera Shooting and Tracking: Tomas Garcia - Additional Designs: Flavio Greco - Shaders and Lighting: Martin Dasnoy, Ignacio Godoy - Compositor: Fernando Sarmiento - Editor: Tomas Garcia - Music & Sound Design: David Kamp - Cello: Konstantin Koutepoff